ProPresenter 7.10 build 118095884

ProPresenter 7 full version Free Download standalone installer for Windows is a presentation and production app for live events that works on Mac and Windows. You will also need Win Rar to extract the file.

Overview of ProPresenter 7 Benefits

It shows lyrics, slides, and media all at once, making it easy to make high-quality live performances. It is a must-have for places of worship, sports games, meetings, exhibitions, and live broadcasts.

Also, ProPresenter Cloud lets you sync an endless number of machines over the Internet, allowing you to edit on a single computer and present on another. This makes it easy to share your presentations and media with everyone in your company.

ProPresenter 7 is a great multimedia program that lets you make presentations and live shows for your project that look great and sound great. It is a comprehensive and full-featured suite that gives you a wide range of creative shapes, text, images, videos, gradients, and live videos to help you make attractive slideshows. It is a powerful program that simultaneously shows lyrics, presentations, and media. This makes it easy to make high-quality live performances. It is a great software for schools, classes, concerts, and other places where live video needs to be shown. It can show a presentation on more than one screen at once. It also works with Syphon, which lets you immediately share the pro presenter’s output with other programs on the same computer. Also, it has different outputs for the lobby, the theater, and the stage.

Overview of ProPresenter 7 Features

  • Output multiple displays simultaneously, such as multiple-stage displays, with various material combinations.
  • Output Key and fill channels that are good for broadcasting.
  • Multiple projectors can be used to put images on wide screens, and their edges can be blended to make a single, extra-wide picture.
  • From a computer, you can manage several ProPresenter machines.
  • MIDI, DMX, or streaming video can be used to control the features of ProPresenter.
  • Deliver video over SDI (coaxial wire) or your network (Ethernet).

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Windows 7
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Disk Space: 200 MB

Current version

Additional info
August 08 2022
File Name: ProPresenter 7
Version: 7.13.1


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