Final Draft 12.0.8 Build 106

The full version of Final Draft 12 for macOS can be downloaded for free. It’s a vital and professional tool for editing scripts.

Overview of Final Draft 12 for macOS

I use this to write stories for movies and TV shows, plays for the stage, and new media. The top-selling standard application for the entertainment business is a powerful word processor with professional script formatting.

Also, you don’t need to learn about the rules for formatting scripts. As you write, it automatically formats your hand to meet industry guidelines.

Features of Final Draft 12 for macOS

  • Scene View: Use a simple drag-and-drop interface to outline your story and change the order of scenes.
  • Navigator: See the essential parts of your scenes, sort them, and filter them. Scriptnotes and Character Index Cards: It’s easy to plan out your story and rewrite your script one scene at a time with these tools.
  • ScriptNotes: Use colour-coded notes to make general or element-specific notes that won’t change how your story is written.
  • Templates: You can choose from over 100 classic and current TV shows, screenplay, stageplay, and graphic book templates, or make your own.
  • Final Draft properly formats your script’s pages to meet industry standards. Universally for iPad, OSX, or PC
  • Options for Watermarking in Printing and PDF: You can print your script with a watermark on any printer that uses standard paper size or save it directly to PDF in perfect script format.
  • Panels System: Split your screen in half to see scene outlines while writing your story simultaneously.
  • Final Draft Courier Font: We’ve made the best font for writing screenplays. It’s easy to read and meets all the requirements of the business.
  • Writing Management: Read what you’ve written to help you keep track of your writing goals.
  • Format Assistant: When you’re done with your first Draft, run Format Assistant to ensure everything runs smoothly in the formatted way.
  • Retina and Full-Screen Support: You can write without being interrupted in full-screen mode, and it also works with retina displays.
  • Mac OSX Dictation Support: Final Draft works with the Mac’s built-in dictation tool. Letting you write without your hands and as fast as your thoughts

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.14 or later


Current version

Additional info
February 21 2023
File Name: Final Draft 12.0.8 Build 106 macOS [FileZU].dmg
Version: 12.0.8 Build 106


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