For macOs full free version offline installer you can download at St. Clair Software Default Folder X. To various folders and commands, you get fast access with this program.

Overview for macOS of Default Folder X

In macOS Default Folder X enhance save and open dialogs. Its ranked list, clip of large sized, preference sets of multiple, Recently accessible easily lists of used folders, blending with the discoverer and attention,
Your time and frustration save the folders and time which is used in system wide menu for frequently accessing.

To the latest selected file it is recovered the problems of dialog, in the upper back menu listing it putting the trail, and column aspect correcting bugs in scanning.

Shortcuts custom keyboard at your accurately put the special and current folders. Open Finder windows navigate your folders to let you pop up menus. To work get back, save and open. The rest of us is workflow for the Default Folder X.

Features of Default Folder X for macOS

Find windows to any files duplicate, rename, delete, or Right away on your files to get more figures. These all options are accessible from save or open dialogs which the app makes.
Without opening files this software gives you to edit right access to quick editing tools from Save and Open dialogs. Figure up discoverer custom tags, finder labels and Spotlight catchword to your files. Comments on the fly to edit and create.
For quick navigation used tags through your recently browse.
Destinations saving on Mac adapting your workflow to the software tracks where your favorite file remembers the files.
Manually you can also put default folders for the particular apps. Default Folder X takes you instantly to the right folder, whenever you click Save or Save As. With files you work the way modify. About Default Folder X what’s great is it hones your workflow, almost indistinctly.
The app acts while as an extension of Save and Open dialogs, you are not able to do anything new learn. You just embrace and flow a huge time-saver to follow.


  • Operation System: OS X 10.13 or then

Current version

Additional info
January 01 1970
File Name: Default Folder X 6.0.4
Version: 6.0.4


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