Scanner App To PDF - TapScanner 2.8.22

Scanner App To PDF – TapScanner 2.8.22 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK is a Scanner App to PDF that you can get for free for Android phones and tablets. The app uses a camera to turn documents into high-quality PDF files.

Overview of Scanner App To PDF – TapScanner 2.8.22 Pro APK for Android

This application is an easy-to-use camera document reader specializing in making high-quality PDF files. When you use this app to scan a document, it automatically finds the edges without you having to do anything. Its automatic border recognition feature speeds up the scanning process and makes it easier to use and more accurate. You can use the app’s many filters to improve the quality of your scanned papers even more. These filters are made to help you get the best possible picture quality when you capture your documents. The app’s main goal is to help you create high-quality PDFs from the documents you scan. It makes scanning documents easier because it automatically finds the edges of the paper. You can use a wide range of filters to improve how your scanned documents look, depending on your tastes. With this app, you can count on getting high-quality PDF files that meet your standards. 

Features of the App

  • Scan documents, business cards, and QR codes.
  • A document-scanning app that instantly finds the edges of the pages
  • Use different effects to improve the picture until it’s perfect.
  • It’s easy to keep track of your papers.
  • PNG output of high clarity and a PDF scanner
  • You can back up and sync information to the cloud through cloud integration.
  • By adding custom areas to papers, you can make it easier to scan and sign documents.
  • With the QR Scanner tool, you can easily turn QR codes into emails, texts, and links.


Current version

Additional info
June 20 2023
File Name: Scanner App To PDF - TapScanner 2.8.22
Version: 2.8.22


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