Photographers companion Pro 1.15.2

For Android smartphones and tablets, download the Photographer’s Companion Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for free. Giving up using your cameras in automatic mode will assist.

Overview of Photographer’s Companion Pro APK for Android

This app empowers you to break free from your camera’s limited automatic mode, offering you full control over every aspect of your photography. For those with more photography expertise, it streamlines the process by handling complex calculations on your behalf, simplifying the settings.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a magical solution guaranteeing perfect pictures every time. Instead, it serves as a valuable tool for photographers, assisting you in establishing a foundational setting that you can fine-tune to achieve the precise results you envision.

This application bridges novice and experienced photographers, enabling both to harness the camera’s full potential. It’s not about instant perfection but rather about providing the tools and guidance to help you create the best image based on your preferences and skills. Embrace this app to enhance your photography journey and attain your desired control over your camera settings.

Features of the App

  • Manage the ND filter and long exposures by calculating the equivalent or alternative exposure.
  • Determine the depth of field, the hyperfocal distance, and the bokeh simulation.
  • Find the field of view.
  • Determine the shutter speed necessary to stop a subject’s motion.
  • Take sunrise, sunset, golden hour, and blue hour pictures.
  • Find the sun’s location, sunrise/sunset times, golden hours, blue hours, and a monthly calendar.
  • Capture or take a photo of the moon depending on the day’s phase.
  • Take pictures of moonlit landscapes.
  • Take pictures of the lunar eclipse.
  • Obtain the moon’s location, the time of moonrise and moonset, and the calendar for the current month.
  • Using a simulator, take pictures of the stars and the Milky Way with and without star trails.
  • Capture or take pictures of the northern lights.
  • Take pictures of the fireworks and lightning.
  • Determine the ideal exposure setting for the given EV.
  • Utilize a flash to determine a distance or aperture.
  • Calculate the ideal settings based on the environment’s illumination (using a light meter), the subject’s reflectivity (albedo), and the light’s color temperature (using an RGB light sensor).
  • Determine the potential magnification for the macro photograph using a close-up lens or an extension tube.
  • Determine the print size.
  • Time-lapse
  • Plan for taking landscape pictures.
  • Get/set the camera’s settings, including the circle of confusion, ISO range, crop factor, sensor resolution, and sensor size.


Current version

Additional info
September 07 2023
File Name: Photographers companion Pro v1.15.2 [FileZU].apk
Version: 1.15.2


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