File Manager Pro TV USB OTG 5.2.9

For Android smartphones and tablets, you can get the File Manager Pro TV USB OTG 5.2.9 MOD Version Unlocked APK for free. The TV and Watch file management utility uses this as a file manager.

Overview of File Manager Pro TV USB OTG 5.2.9 Pro

The TV and Watches file management tool is the sole file manager available. It is a straightforward, compact, quick, and effective file explorer. Only the file manager displays the size of folders across the storage and supports RTL. It works with all electronic gadgets, including watches, TVs, tablets, and phones. It was created purely in the Material design style.

Features of the App

  • Full-Featured All file management functions, such as cutting, copying, deleting, renaming, compressing, and extracting, are available. Within the file system, a fully integrated search allows you to view the file details.
  • All Android devices, including phones, tablets, phablets, TVs, watches, and laptops, can use the All-in-One Manager.
  • ¬†Copy/paste between all storage types and full support for Storage Access Framework.
  • Network File Manager Transfer files from a phone to a computer using an FTP server. All of your phone’s files are readily accessible from a computer by simply opening the IP address in the browser. Additionally, you can exchange files from your phone via Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, other social networking apps, etc.
  • Managed Cloud Storage: Cloud Storage allows for the management of all files. View images and videos instantly.
  • Advanced users can examine, edit, copy, paste, and delete files in the root partition of the phone’s storage for development purposes using the Root File Manager. Examine the system’s root folders, such as data and cache.
  • To browse internal and television storage, utilize TV File Manager. You may copy and paste files, browse the media, and play movies from USB drives or local storage.
  • With the Document Editor, editing files while on the go is simple. Support all text file types, including TXT, HTML, and XHTML.
  • Messaging in Chat File Manager expeditiously arranges your media, including photos, gifs, videos, audio, stickers, documents, and everything wifi, for storage space on your phone. You may swiftly transfer files between Android devices with the aid of Easy-share File Manager. Support multiple file transfers over wifi without setting up hotspots using connected devices.




Current version

Additional info
August 20 2023
File Name: File Manager Pro TV USB OTG v5.2.9 [FileZU].apk
Version: 5.2.9


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