You can get the full version of VueScan Professional for free if you have macOS. This is an app for scanning pictures, documents, and film.

Overview of VueScan Professional for macOS

It is a tool for scanning that works with most excellent flatbed and film scanners to make scans with great colour accuracy and balance. Pro shooters use it because it is easy to use and has advanced features like batch scanning, returning faded colours, and more.

Features of VueScan Professional for macOS

Scan Documents

  • VueScan can help you scan anything from a single page to a hundred-page book.
  • Use the flatbed and automatic document feeders (ADF) to review.
  • Scan to PDF (One or More Pages)
  • Recognition of letters and numbers
  • Automatic Recognition of Color
  • A small file size for documents
  • Automatically fold documents in half

Scan Photos

Do you have a drawer full of pictures? You can scan them with VueScan and cross them off your list.

You can scan to JPG or TIFF.

Whether you’re scanning a few snapshots or boxes of prints to keep for future reference, VueScan can make the best or many good scans possible.

Use the flatbed and automatic document feeders (ADF) to scan.

It works with more than 3000 scanners from 35 different companies, even ones without drivers from their original makers.

Set picture sizes ahead of time to scan faster.

You can speed up one of the slowest parts of scanning with VueScan by examining only the area of the flatbed where your photo is. So you can enjoy your pictures more and spend less time scanning.

Scan several pictures at once on the flatbed.

It’s straightforward to scan more than one picture with VueScan. You only need to put the photos in the corners of the flatbed, do a sample, and crop each one by hand. You won’t need to scan them again.

Automatic file names to make scans go faster

Save time giving each picture a name by hand; use VueScan’s auto-naming tool to add dates, numbers, or other prefixes and suffixes to your file names.

Fix the colours and get rid of the fade.

Don’t use Photoshop to save the best version of your photos. VueScan has built-in tools that can fix colours and remove fading.

Scan Film and Slides

  • VueScan is the ultimate tool for all your film and slide scanning needs.
  • Works with almost all film/slide scanners
  • Scan to JPEG/TIFF/RAW
  • Infrared Dust Removal
  • Colour correction
  • IT8 Calibration
  • Photoshop Integration

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.15 or later
  • Intel 64-bit CPU


Current version

Additional info
January 01 1970
File Name: VueScan Professional 9.8.16
Version: 9.8.16


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