VLC Media Player 3.0.18

The new offline installer for VLC Media Player for macOS is free downloadable a powerful media player that can play most video types and codecs.

Overview of VLC Media Player for macOS

VLC Media Player has become one of the most famous and reliable media players because it has many features and can play many different types of files. VLC is the best choice for millions of people worldwide because it is easy to use and has many features.

It is a free, open-source multimedia player and system that can play most multimedia files, DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and streaming protocols. It can play various music and video formats, which is a big plus. VLC Media Player can play files like MP4, AVI, MKV, and MP3, as well as codecs that need to be better known. This ensures that you can play your media files without thinking about problems with compatibility.

It has a lot of advanced playback settings that will improve how you watch or listen. You can easily change the playback speed, move from frame to frame for exact control, and sync the audio and subtitles. Also, VLC Media Player has different choices for video and audio effects, so you can change how things look and sound to suit your tastes.

It does a great job of streaming material from many different places, whether you want to watch online videos from popular sites like YouTube or stream media from sources on your local network.

Features of VLC Media Player for macOS

  • Wide Format Support: It supports various music and video formats, so you can easily play almost any media file. From famous formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, and MP3 to less well-known codecs
  • Controls for Advanced playing: Controls for advanced playing improve your watching experience. You can change the playback speed, use the frame-by-frame tool to move around precisely, and even easily sync the audio and subtitles.
  • Interface that can be changed: A user-friendly design that can be changed in many ways. You can change how the player looks and feels by putting on different skins, changing the layout, and making tracks. Because of this, you can change VLC to suit your needs and make it your own.

Technical Details and System Requirements

MacOS 10.7 or later


Can DVDs be played on a Mac with VLC?

A: VLC for Mac can play DVDs right out of the box. If you put a DVD on your Mac, VLC will find and play it immediately.

How do I download VLC and put it on my Mac?

A: To get VLC for Mac, go to the main VLC website (www.videolan.org) and find the section for downloads. Please choose the correct version for your Mac and install it by following the steps.

Can VLC change the format of videos on a Mac?

A: VLC has a built-in conversion function that lets you change the format of video files. Open the Media menu, click “Convert/Save,” add the file you want to convert, choose the output format, and start the conversion process.

Current version

Additional info
January 01 1970
File Name: VLC Media Player 3.0.18
Version: 3.0.18


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