Download free setup Apptorium SideNotes in full version for macOS. When exploring for notes it retains you from scheming with windows.

Overview of SideNotes for macOS

It is outlined to be a obstruction free alternative for fast make outing. On its plane, it is a notepad that resides on the margin of your recorder. It has two methods to disclose it, tick on the SideNotes model in your menu bar or tick on the crystalline bar that levitate on the edge of your display.

This software will pass on from the left or right side of your screen within the program Partiality. It may integrate the clearness of advice notes and the satisfaction of multiplex make outing software and that is create it a unique program.

SideNotes 1.4.13 Main Features

A +symbol contains a scanning bar on the screen which makes an alternative circular and folder list is the another part of the display.
The program board to your screen boundary so that it is practically unnoticed without you needing it.
It can be unlocked with a universal shortcut so that you can suddenly create a note.
Consumers can keep more than just an edition.
Pictures and screenshots can be saved into notes so they are not plugging up your window.
Make documents and folder shortcuts with drop and drag into a note.
It concedes the charm value and suddenly interprets it into an instance that can be imitated with a one click.
Code particles can also be kept in SideNotes.
Choose the Code choice under text composing and copy or paste your rule into a note in case of founding a advanced plain text file in other application.
Notes can be Inventory to pictures for speedy sharing or even editing to social media.
It accepted allowance order, which approach in user friendly if you want to format conception in a unique way.
A system that utilises the same iCloud account needs macOS 11 or original.
SideNotes is M1 accordant.

Current version

Additional info
January 01 1970
File Name: SideNotes 1.4.13
Version: 1.4.13


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