RAR Extractor Max - Unzip File 11.7

Download the latest RAR Extractor Max – Unzip File 11.7 for macOS for free. It can open all kinds of zipped files. The good things about “RAR Extractor Pro” were carried over to “RAR Extractor Max.” We changed the interface and added more powerful features.

Overview of RAR Extractor Max – Unzip File for macOS

This¬†tool has the same good features as “RAR Extractor Pro.” We changed the look of the UI and added more powerful features. The app is a file archiver that can extract files from over 60 different archive types, such as 7Z, ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, LZIP, ACE, ISO, CAB, JAR, PAK, PKG, APK, ACE, ARJ, LQR, SPK, SWF, NSA, RPM, CPT, etc. It also lets you protect 7Z, RAR, and ZIP files with passwords. Users can explore archives and open them by double-clicking on them or dragging them to the app’s dock icon.

It also lets you create archives with the AES256 encryption method and batch extraction. The app has two display windows and can sample and open winmail.dat files sent from Microsoft Outlook. The app is an updated version of RAR Extractor. It has a new user interface and more features. Users can send an email to the authors with ideas or feedback.

Features of RAR Extractor Max – Unzip Winrar for macOS

  • Extract compressed files in all most popular formats(over 50 formats)
  • Unzip and unrar encrypted archives.
  • Preview and open the file in Winmail.dat sent from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Easy view of an archive’s file list.
  • Quicklook files in the library before extraction.
  • Unarchive & unrar the selected individual file or folder in the library.
  • Double-click to display or extract directly after setting this APP as the default archiver.
  • Drag libraries to the dock icon to remove or display now.
  • The batch decompresses many archives.
  • Create password-protected ZIP & 7Z archives.
  • AES256 encryption algorithm to create ZIP & 7Z archives.
  • Drag the file in the library to the desktop to extract it directly.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.11 or later


Current version

Additional info
July 22 2023
File Name: RAR Extractor Max Unzip File 11.9 macOS [FileZU].dmg
Version: 11.7


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