You can get the full version of Lumenzia 11.5.6 which works with macOS, for free. It lets you make beautiful, accurate changes in Photoshop.

Overview of Lumenzia 11.5.6 for macOS

Luminosity masks in Photoshop let you make changes that look amazing and real. Lumenzia makes it simple and quick to use them. Its powerful JavaScript engine takes care of all the difficult luminosity masking in the background so you can focus on making beautiful photos.

Features of Lumenzia for macOS

  • Streamlined process and fully personalized masks
  • Blending and vector masks (to save a lot of file space and keep from having to change masks) are two ways to do this.
  • Like a layer mask, you can see and change luminosity choices.
  • Add, subtract, or cross any mask or selection for more flexibility.
  • Color masks that can be chosen by color and brightness.
  • Local Contrast Enhancement (makes details stand out easily and automatically)
  • Live masks (you can see the result of the blending right away and try out different faces)
  • Zone masks to make small adjustments
  • Zone and Range pickers (click on the picture to choose the right mask visually)
  • Zone maps show how the picture looks in zones 0–10.
  • “Lighter/Darker” masks (choose pixels based on the pixels around them)
  • Fine-tune masks to specific parts of the picture or colors.
  • Group masks can be merged to save room and make it easier to see what is hidden.
  • Paths to make it easier for architects to use brightness masks with hard edges
  • Split-screen to see the mask and picture at the same time. “Pretend” to automatically stack, align, and sort exposures for blending.
  • A tool for saving files bigger than 4GB so they can be opened in Lightroom
  • Customized scenes
  • Avoiding and getting hurt
  • Sponge tool that doesn’t damage the paint (deep saturation painting)
  • Saturation masks (controlling the brightness of each color)
  • Luminosity and dust visualization tools make finding flaws and fixing them easy.
  • Portraits (surface blur) and landscapes (high pass) can be sharpened in more advanced ways.
  • You can record activities that use light and dark masks or selections.
  • There are training and help films and a full written manual.

How it works

  • Preview lets you choose a preset or a custom mask fast.
  • Use the sample as a mask or a selection.
  • Fine-tune the mask by location and color, smooth out any rough edges, and paint it without destroying it for perfect results.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Lumenzia v10 requires Photoshop v23.0 (aka Photoshop 2022) or later and runs natively on any machine that can run the required version of Photoshop (this includes native support for Apple Silicon)


Current version

Additional info
September 03 2023
File Name: Lumenzia 11.5.6 (WinmacOS) [FileZU].zip
Version: 11.5.6


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