iZotope RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced 10.4.0

For free, you can get the full version of the iZotope RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced 10.4.0 standalone offline installer for macOS. It is the standard audio repair tool used in movies and TV shows to fix broken or noisy audio and return it to its original state.

Overview of iZotope RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced 10.4.0 for macOS

This version has new processing that makes it easier and faster than ever to create complicated ambiances, eliminate annoying hum and interference, and pull dialogue out of background noise.

There are new modes for Ambiance Match, Dialogue Isolate, and De-hum. Also, the history list can now be made longer, which lets you return a decision to an earlier processing step.

Features of iZotope RX Audio Editor Advanced for macOS

  • Ambiance Match
  • Dialogue Isolate
  • De-hum
  • Spectral Editor
  • Expandable History List
  • Restore Selection
  • Dialogue De-reverb
  • Repair Assistant
  • Spectral Repair
  • Batch Processor


  • Text Navigation[NEW]
  • Multiple Speaker Detection[NEW]
  • Repair Assistant plug-in[NEW]
  • Selection Feathering[NEW MODE]
  • Spectral Recovery[NEW ALGORITHM]
  • First-time User Experience[NEW]
  • De-hum Dynamic Adaptive Mode[NEW MODE]
  • IZRX10AmbienceMatch
  • IZRX10BreathControl
  • IZRX10Connect
  • IZRX10De-click
  • IZRX10De-clip
  • IZRX10De-crackle
  • IZRX10De-ess
  • IZRX10De-hum
  • IZRX10De-plosive
  • IZRX10De-reverb
  • IZRX10De-rustle
  • IZRX10DialogueIsolate
  • IZRX10GuitarDe-noise
  • IZRX10Monitor
  • IZRX10MouthDe-click
  • IZRX10MusicRebalance
  • IZRX10MusicRebalanceARA
  • IZRX10RepairAssistant
  • IZRX10SpectralDe-noise
  • IZRX10SpectralEditor
  • IZRX10VoiceDe-noise

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 +
  • Intel
  • The Apple Silicon Processor M1

Current version

Additional info
April 01 2023
File Name: iZotope RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced v10.4.0 macOS [FileZU].dmg
Version: 10.4.0


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