iStat Menus 6.70 (1217)

You can get the full version of the iStat Menus 6.70 (1217) standalone offline installer for macOS for free. It is a sophisticated system monitor for the Mac Menubar.

Overview of iStat Menus 6.70 (1217) for macOS

It lets you keep an eye on your machine from the Menubar. Eight extra menus allow you to monitor every part of your system. iStat Menus has a whole new look. It has new icons in the Menubar and new dropdown menus and both the app and its icon have been remade to look cleaner, more precise, and more as they belong in Yosemite. Now, graphs in the Menubar can have dark backgrounds, which makes them easier to read.

Our menubar and dropdown menus now work in Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Features of iStat Menus for macOS

  • Better stats for each app
  • A lot more knowledge about networks
  • The world’s time and clocks.
  • Real-time CPU plots and a list of the five programs that use the most CPU time
  • Stats on Memory
  • Graphs of all network links in real time
  • Use of disks and activities
  • Lists of your Mac’s hardware in real time
  • Find out about the weather, including the current temperature, hourly predictions, a weekly overview, and more.
  • A small Notification Center widget covers some of the most popular iStat Menus functions.
  • Notifications depend on the CPU, network, disk, battery, weather, and other factors.
  • More color and theme choices include menu dropdown backgrounds that are light and dark, and full of color.
  • Menu dropdowns can be opened and closed quickly with hotkeys.
  • More options, like two-line menubar clocks and smaller text, let you see more in less room.
  • Dropdown menus that can be rearranged and have parts that can be hidden. Changeable colors in a choice graph.
  • It made it easier to get to. Better translations and new ones (36 languages in all).

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • OS X 10.11 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


Current version

Additional info
April 18 2023
File Name: iStat Menus 6.70 (1217) macOS [FileZU].dmg
Version: 6.70 (1217)


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