Full version with free download of Geekbench offline installer for macOS. It can directly proceed with the device and reminder performance.

Overview of Geekbench for macOS

It is a program of mac provident to support you find out the real ability of your computer. This profitability will set your processor, memory, and other elements to the assessment and give you approach to the true power of your system showing complete information regarding the report.

In the accessory apparatus panel, you will observe particular information around your Mac hood, like memory knowledge, macOS statement, system version ID, etc. These units are obtainable in Mac’s Computer details too.

You can select between 2 kinds of tests: GPU and CPU. For GPU, you can move the basis for 32 and 64 bit planning, while for CPU trial you can pick the System API. Both trials take a little amount of set to total and the program does not use various CPU methods while moving benchmarks.

Features of Geekbench for macOS

It unlocked the alternative page in your omit web browser and permitted you gain to a total report. The offered particulars to your local directories can save admired web browsers like Safari or Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome
Its Professional edition supplies you with further authority to decide the magnificent program version
Quick processing rate
Detailed reports provide you
About your computer it gives you information
Benchmark compute
Easy yet convincing
Benchmark CPU
Intersect Platform
Your results can upload to its browser to allocation them with another

System requirements

MacOS 11.0 or then

Current version

Additional info
January 01 1970
File Name: Geekbench 6.2.2
Version: 6.2.2


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