You can get FilmConvert Nitrate FCPX for free as a full version that works on both computers. It makes colour grading even stronger and more in your hands.

Overview of FilmConvert Nitrate FCPX for macOS

These new features will give you more power and control over your colour grading. They include Cineon Log film emulations, complete custom curve control, advanced film grain settings, and more.

It has accurate information for each Camera Picture Style to make each film stock work with your camera. This lets you get accurate Film Stock looks on many cameras and settings. It’s still the case that we get the newest profiles straight from camera companies.

With this tool, you can immediately give your project the look of a movie. It works with your current FCPX workflow to get excellent results quickly and easily. It’s a simple tool that makes things look beautiful and professional.

Features of FilmConvert Nitrate FCPX for macOS

  • More power and control over your colour grading
  • Create stunning and accurate results
  • Wide range of precise Camera Profiles
  • Industry-leading quality grain
  • Add natural grain to your footage
  • 19 Film Stocks
  • Create and export 3D LUTs

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.13 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


Current version

Additional info
March 14 2022
File Name: FilmConvert Nitrate FCPX 3.22
Version: 3.22


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