Bartender 4.2.22

Bartender 4.2.22 full version offline installer for macOS can be downloaded for free. It will get your apps in the menu bar in order by hiding them.

Overview of Bartender 4.2.22 for macOS

It lets you hide apps from the menu bar, change their order, or move them to the Bartender’s Bar. The full menu bar can be seen, set choices so that menu-bar items only appear when changed, or make them always appear in the bartender’s bar.

The license for the app is “trialware.” Please remember that you may only be able to use the tools for a short time or as well as you would like. The version of Bartender 4 for Mac that can be downloaded is 4.2.22. The download is given to you as is, without any changes or changes made by us. Our security system checks the software from time to time. We also want you to use your antivirus to check the files before you start the download.

Features of Bartender 4 for macOS

  • Organizes your apps in the menu bar the way you want.
  • See your apps in the menu bar whenever you want.
  • Hide the apps you need to run but don’t need to see.
  • Get the menu bar you want that looks clean.
  • Move the things on your menu bar around however you want.
  • Changes were made to the background color of the Bartender Bar, but sometimes this made color not appear for some users. This is now working again.
  • Not taken into account in the macOS Ventura FaceTime Handoff menu bar:
  • The FaceTime Handoff menu item in the macOS menu bar is another item that can’t be ignored. Bartender didn’t think about this before, but now it does.
  • If the Preferences window is made more significant, the description of Show For Updates should now be cut off.
  • Bartender Bar Color: I’ve found the code that sets the color of the Bartender Bar again so that it better considers where the Bartender Bar is about the menu bar since its color can change along its length.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • MacOS 11.0 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


Current version

Additional info
December 08 2022
File Name: Bartender 4.2.22 Beta macOS [FileZU].dmg
Version: 4.2.22


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