Autodesk Maya 2024.1

Autodesk Maya 2024.1 full version runs on macOS and is available for free download. It is a complete programme for modelling and animating in 3D.

Overview of Autodesk Maya for macOS

This programme has a wide range of creative tools for 3D computer animation, modelling, simulation, rendering, compositing, and more on a production base that can be easily expanded. Maya has display technology from the next generation, faster modelling processes, and tools for working with complex data.

It has many tools to make 3D work easy and high-quality. You can find everything a picky modeller needs in the programme and choose your action method. It has a good role in visualizing finished models. The programme has four built-in visualizers, and you can add V-Ray and other plug-ins.

Features of Autodesk Maya 2024.1 for macOS

  • The sophisticated way that three-dimensional models are made
  • Simulate many things in nature and the environment, such as weather changes, water, liquids, fire, and plants.
  • Having different tools for organizing and managing data is essential.
  • The ability to take the properties of one thing and put them on another
  • Create clothes, hairstyles, sex scenes, and other situations.
  • Getting along with other programs making models and movies
  • Backs up the math model Non-uniform rational B-splines, or NURBS, are a type of curve.
  • Ability to merge parts of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models
  • Software developers should be able to use coding, MEL (Maya embedded language), ++ C, and Python.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • OS: Apple macOS 13.x, 12.x, 11.x
  • CPU: 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set
  • RAM: 8 GB (16 GB recommended)


Current version

Additional info
May 16 2023
File Name: Autodesk Maya 2024.1 macOS U2B (x64) [FileCR].zip
Version: 2024.1


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