Wps Wpa Tester Premium rc-5.23762

Wps Wpa Tester Premium rc-5.23762 MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets is free downloadable. It is intended to test the security of your WPA and WPS networks quickly.

Overview of Wps Wpa Tester Premium rc-5.23762 Premium

This application can test the connection to a wifi Access Point using a WPS PIN. The PINs are generated using various algorithms based on the MAC Address, and an assortment of PINs are stored in a local database, covering numerous Access Points.

If you ascertain your Access Point’s activation of the WPS protocol, it is advisable to deactivate it. The app’s primary purpose is to raise user awareness regarding potential vulnerabilities in their Access Points.

Do you want to know if your Wireless Access Point is subject to the most common security flaws? What about learning how fast it goes?

With Wps Wpa Tester, you can do a speed test to see if your Access Point wifi is vulnerable and if there are any network speed problems.

If you have an Android device with a version lower than Pie (9) or one that has been “rooted,” you can test several WPS PIN attacks to see if your wifi Access Point or router is safe.

After the app finds security holes, it gives you tips on how to make your Access Point safer.

The app aims to teach users how vulnerable their Access Point is.

Features of the App

  • Portable and simple to use
  • Identify any security issues with your networks.
  • Check the WPS and WPA networks.


Current version

Additional info
July 17 2023
File Name: WIFI WPS WPA TESTER vrc-5.23762 [FileCZU].apk
Version: rc-5.23762


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