Touch VPN v1.9.18You can get a free Touch VPN – Free Unlimited VPN Proxy & WiFi. Privacy turns public WiFi into private WiFi that is safe and secure.

Description of Touch VPN

It is safe and secret to browse the web with Touch VPN, a free unlimited VPN. Touch VPN makes public WiFi into private WiFi that is safe and secure. When we find a public WiFi network, hackers, identity thieves, and other bad people won’t be able to get to your personal information, mobile protection, or privacy.

It’s completely free, has no limits, is safe, and is very simple. You can join any servers below (in Sweden, the UK, Denmark, France, the US, the Netherlands, and Canada) for complete privacy and online freedom. You can do this with Touch VPN.

VPN and Proxy can hide your identity by changing your IP address and rerouting your internet data. A proxy service, on the other hand, works only with browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It might not work with websites that use technology that isn’t browser-based. On the other hand, a VPN service encrypts all of your data and works with all web-based services. To sum up, a VPN will give you more freedom, privacy, and safety online.

With a VPN, you can access blocked services like Facebook, Pandora, and YouTube in your country. Your internet privacy and security will also significantly improve as you browse the web anonymously.


  • Free: It’s completely free. No need to give credit card information.No trials were presented.
  • No limits: No limits. There are no session, speed, or capacity limits.
  • Plain and simple: All you have to do is hit the “Connect” button to open up the world. Feel safe: Our strong SSL security will keep you safe and anonymous.
  • Use Touch VPN to browse the web without being tracked. It’s a one-click VPN proxy service.
  • It only has one button on it.
  • It lets you connect to one of many anonymous sites faster than a web proxy.


Current version

Additional info
August 26 2021
File Name: Touch VPN v1.9.18
Version: v1.9.18


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