Torrent Search Revolution 2.0.8 You can get the Torrent Search Revolution Pro MOD Version Unlocked apk file for free on your Android phone or tablet. It’s an app for Android that lets you look for torrents.

Overview of Torrent Search Revolution Pro APK for Android

This application functions as a torrent search engine designed to locate and retrieve torrent magnet links from a variety of different sources. 

Users can employ this app to initiate the search and download process, seamlessly accessing torrents for a wide array of content. 

The application streamlines the torrent discovery process, ensuring users have access to a diverse selection of magnet links.

Its multi-source functionality enhances the efficiency and reliability of the torrent search, providing users with numerous options for downloading their desired content.

This app’s capability to source torrents from various locations improves the chances of finding the most up-to-date and popular torrents.

By employing this app, users can easily access the torrents they seek, whether it’s for movies, music, software, or any other file type typically distributed via torrents.

It simplifies the torrenting process, making it more user-friendly and accessible to a broader audience.

The multi-source approach offers redundancy and ensures a higher likelihood of successfully finding the desired torrent magnet links.

Users can enjoy an extensive selection of torrents catering to their specific preferences and needs, all through the convenience of this torrent search engine app.

Features of the App

  • Look for files from more than one place.
  • Pick your favorite search engines to use.
  • Find out about the file and magnet link (title, size, seeds, leechers, and category).
  • You can copy, share, or download the magnet link (you’ll need a torrent viewer app on your device to do this).
  • Sort the results by the available torrent sites.
  • The settings page has a way to hide results that don’t have any seeds.
  • There are search idea options
  • There is a search past list in the settings.
  • Voice search built-in
  • There are many theme colors and a dark mode to choose from.


Current version

Additional info
October 11 2023
File Name: Torrent Search Revolution 2.0.8
Version: 2.0.8


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