Stellarium Plus - Star Map 1.11.2 Stellarium Plus: Star Map MOD Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets is free to download. Find the stars, constellations, planets, comets, and satellites.

Overview of Stellarium Plus APK for Android

This app shows you exactly what you see when looking at the stars. In real-time, you can find stars, constellations, planets, comets, satellites (like the ISS), and other deep sky objects by looking at your phone at the sky. This only takes a few seconds.

This award-winning astronomy app has a simple and easy-to-use user interface, which makes it one of the best apps for kids and people who want to learn more about the night sky.

Features of the app

See a simulation of the night sky with stars and planets that is true for dates, times, and places.

Explore a vast collection of stars, nebulas, galaxies, star clusters, and other deep sky things to learn as much as you can:

All stars we know:

  •  Over 1.69 billion stars are in the Gaia DR2 catalog.
  • All known planets, natural satellites, comets, 10k asteroids, and many other small objects in the solar system.
  • Most well-known deep-sky objects: a list of more than 2 million galaxies and nebulae
  • You can zoom in almost as far as you want on high-resolution pictures of the Milky Way, Deep Sky Objects, or planetary surfaces.
  • Find out how people in different parts of the world see the stars by choosing the forms and pictures of the constellations from different sky cultures.
  • Keep an eye on artificial objects, like the International Space Station.
  • Landscape and atmosphere can be simulated with accurate sunrise, sunset, and atmosphere refraction.
  • Please find out how the giant planets in the solar system and their moons look in 3D.
  • Look at the sky in night mode (red) to keep your eyes from getting used to the dark.
  • Even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can watch in the field with a “reduced” set of data: Two million stars, two million “Deep Sky Objects,” and ten thousand asteroids.
  • You can use Bluetooth or WIFI to control your telescope. You can drive any GOTO telescope with NexStar, SynScan, or LX200 protocols.
  • Using advanced observation tools, you can plan your observing events to predict when and where you can see a celestial object and how long it will take to get there.

Current version

Additional info
September 23 2023
File Name: Stellarium Plus - Star Map 1.11.2
Version: 1.11.2


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