SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool v5.5.10

For Android smartphones and tablets, download the SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool 5.5.10 MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for free. You can use it to keep your gadget neat and orderly. It provides a selection of tools for managing files and programs.

Overview of SD Maid Pro APK

On Android, apps that you’ve already deleted leave a trace. You consistently produce logs, crash reports, and other unwanted data.

This application can navigate your device, remove these extra files, and make directories.

Clean up Device Memory

With the Pro feature, a great app has been added that every user should have on their device. It has made some efficiency features stronger and added some new ones. SD Maid Pro has many features that allow users to clean up junk cache, speed up other apps, and manage memory to its fullest potential. Also, the app can be used to clean your phone intelligently. As you can observe, if you clean your phone regularly, surfing the web or talking on the phone will be easier. Also, the speed of moving around in the app is faster. Your document files are the same, so it will tell you which ones you can get rid of to make room on the phone’s memory card. Cleaning the memory also keeps your phone’s CPU from getting too hot and causing quick temperature spikes. This helps your phone last longer.

Features of the App

  • A complete file explorer lets you navigate your device and work with files.
  • Eliminate unnecessary files from your system and take control of the installed user and system apps.
  • Find files that once belonged to applications that have been removed.
  • By name, content, or date, conduct a file search.
  • Get a thorough rundown of your device’s storage.
  • Clean up your apps properly and delete any unnecessary data.
  • Detect duplicate images, audio, or documents without regard to location or name.
  • Automate the execution of tools by utilizing widgets or setting up a schedule.


Current version

Additional info
July 06 2023
File Name: SD Maid System Cleaning Tool v5.5.10 Final [FileZU].apk
Version: 5.5.10


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