Rosetta Stone – Learn, Practice & Speak Languages v8.20.0

Free APK Download for Android Phones and Tablets of Rosetta Stone – Learn, Practice & Speak Languages v8.20.0 Unlocked MOD version. Lessons that are contextualized and interactive are combined with study tools.

Overview of Rosetta Stone Unlocked

The most effective approach to learning a language is to immerse oneself in it, which is precisely what Rosetta Stone – Learn, Practice & Speak Languages v8.20.0 Dynamic Immersion method does. With no ads, you can access Extended Learning features at any time, anywhere, on any device. Interactive and contextual courses are combined with these elements.

Study languages including Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Persian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese, in addition to learning Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Filipino, and more!

The Rosetta Stone Mod APK app, which won the Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award 2014 and the Users’ Choice Tabby Award 2014, lets you learn at least the basics of over 20 languages.
With this personal teacher, you can learn a new language from scratch or improve at any wording on the list.
Rosetta Stone Premium APK has voice-recognition software that lets you do various tasks to improve different parts of each language, like vocabulary, spelling, verb tenses, and even pronunciation.
Because your work is synced across all your devices, you can keep studying from anywhere, and each new exercise you do will help you improve.
Start learning Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese today with this helpful app. You’ll make the most progress if you use it every day.

Features of Rosetta Stone – Learn, Practice & Speak Languages v8.20.0

  • Sound like you’re from the area. Our speech recognition technology listens to how you say words and helps you improve how you tell them, which makes your speech sound more natural.
  • Continue where you were. We let you sync between Android devices so that you can practice your skills without problems using Android phones and tablets.
  • Learn whenever. Need to be online? No big deal. You can download lessons offline and learn while you’re on the go. (Not yet offered for learners of Business and Education.)
  • Improve your oral communication by reading aloud alongside native speakers’ narratives using Stories.
  • Access user-friendly greetings, phrases, expressions, and additional content through the Phrasebook.
  • Give your eyes a break from screens by engaging with Audio Companion lessons, which offer explanations and insights.


Current version

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July 26 2022
File Name: Rosetta Stone Learn, Practice & Speak Languages v8.20.0 [FileZU].apk
Version: 8.20.0


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