Revo Uninstaller Mobile v3.0.380G

Revo Uninstaller Mobile v3.0.380G free Download unlocked ad-free MOD version Pro APK for Android tablets and phones. This valuable utility simplifies the process of uninstalling Android apps, offering a user-friendly and efficient tool for app management.

Overview of Revo Uninstaller Mobile v3.0.380G Pro

Simplify the management of your Android apps with this tool, enabling seamless uninstallation and device organization. Eliminate all traces and hidden files to achieve a clutter-free and streamlined device. This user-friendly solution effortlessly removes Android apps, remnants, and concealed files. Our expertise lies in app uninstallation and smartphone storage optimization.

Navigating this app is straightforward. Choose one or multiple apps for removal, then tap the “Uninstall” button. At the app’s bottom, keep track of the marked applications and the total space you’ll regain upon their uninstallation.

Optimize your device storage and prevent battery drain caused by excess unused data through this uninstaller. Overall, Revo Uninstaller Mobile is your ally in maximizing your phone’s capacity.

Tools Include:

  • scan for Quick Uninstall leftovers
  • Batch or multiple uninstall
  • Speedy boot mode
  • Utilizing search and sort tools
  • Categories and Uninstall History for Apps
  • App Management App Information Checker for In-App Permissions
  • several languages
  • evening mode


Current version

Additional info
November 24 2022
File Name: Revo Uninstaller Mobile v3.0.380G [FileZU].apk
Version: 3.0.380G


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