Radarbot Pro: Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer 8.1.0

Radarbot Pro: Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer 8.1.0 Free app, a Pro MOD version that’s unlocked and AdFree for Android phones and tablets. This powerful app seamlessly integrates real-time alerts with top-tier speed camera detection capabilities. Enjoy a comprehensive solution that keeps you informed and helps you stay clear of speed traps.

Overview of Radarbot Free 8 APK for Android

This invaluable companion ensures your safety while on the road. It is the sole application that seamlessly merges real-time alerts with a top-notch GPS-based speed camera detection system. Rest assured, it operates within the bounds of the law and is exceptionally dependable. With this app, you can navigate the roads confidently, bidding farewell to the threat of fines forever. This road-savvy ally prioritizes your safety, delivering timely alerts and pinpoint accuracy when detecting speed cameras. Embrace worry-free driving and leave the concerns of penalties behind. With its unmatched features and reliability, this application sets the standard for road safety. Drive securely, knowing you have a trusted partner in this app, ready to protect you at every turn. Your safety is paramount; this application ensures it remains a top priority during your journeys.

Features of the app

  • It can be connected to any GPS navigator, such as the Maps app, so that you can get navigation Alerts simultaneously.
  • ¬†The app can work while you do other things. Even with the screen turned off, you will still get alerts.
  • The interface is easy to use and works well. You can see in real-time how far away the nearest speed camera is, where it is, what direction it is facing, and how fast you can go.
  • Notifications by voice.
  • There are warnings for the way you are going. The app instantly turns off speed cameras facing the wrong way or outside your route.
  • When you get close to a speed camera, an alert sounds.
  • When the speed limit is broken, there are warnings.
  • I am shaking mode for drivers.
  • Distances and settings for warnings can be changed in any way you want.
  • Notifications are checked. The accuracy of speed camera alerts is calculated in real-time based on the information that all users send to the platform.


Current version

Additional info
August 20 2021
File Name: Radarbot Free Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer v8.1.0 [FileZU].apk
Version: 8.1.0


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