Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets is available for free download. This mobile Flash browser is incredibly quick.

Overview of Puffin Web Browser Pro

This Mobile Flash Browser offers an exceptionally rapid browsing experience that differentiates it from the rest. Once users get a taste of this exhilarating app, conventional Mobile Internet seems painfully sluggish by comparison.

This browser’s swiftness is unparalleled, making it a game-changer in mobile browsing. It leverages cloud computing to ensure that web content is delivered in record time, sparing your device from the heavy lifting.

Say goodbye to frustratingly slow loading times and buffering; Wicked Fast ensures a seamless browsing experience that leaves conventional mobile internet in the dust. It’s a testament to the future of efficient and responsive web browsing on handheld devices.

Experience the thrill of rapid navigation, thanks to the ingenious technology behind Wicked Fast. It’s the antidote to the agony of sluggish mobile browsing, providing users with the speed they deserve.

With the workload shifted to the cloud, this browser ensures that your device’s performance remains consistently snappy. Say hello to a browsing experience that sets a new standard in speed and responsiveness.

Discover the joy of swift and efficient mobile browsing with Wicked Fast, where the cloud takes the lead, leaving your device to enjoy the ride. Say farewell to torturous loading times and embrace a new era of rapid web navigation.

Features of the App

  • incredibly quick rendering and page load
  • Support for Adobe Flash (also compatible with Android 4.4+)
  • Download files to the cloud (up to 1G each)
  • Flash games and films in theater mode
  • digital gamepad and trackpad
  • Add-on features (such as Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, and others)
  • The toolbar and sidebar’s color scheme
  • Best JavaScript execution speed
  • whole online browsing (including desktop and mobile views


Current version

Additional info
January 01 1970
File Name: Puffin Web Browser v9.10.0.51563 [FileZU].rar


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