PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor 18.2.1

Download the free PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor 18.2.1 MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android smartphones and tablets. It is an essential and user-friendly photo editor.

Overview of PhotoDirector Premium APK for Android

This straightforward and user-friendly photo editor lets you quickly and easily add effects to your smartphone photographs PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor 18.2.1.

Make your smartphone photos appear to be taken with a Canon or Nikon. You can Photoshop your travel photos, scenery shots, and regular photographs to produce works of art of a professional standard. Use our photo frames, filters, and effects to give your pictures a festive flair this holiday season.

Features of the App

  • HSL sliders and RGB color channels can be adjusted in a photo to colorize a shot or quickly fix complex white balance issues.
  • Brightness, Darkness, Exposure, and Contrast sliders simplify modifying Tone.
  • Rapid White Balance adjustment to enhance color accuracy
  • For the most vibrant image possible, adjust the saturation.
  • Apply photo effects to your images either globally or to specific areas.
  • Use rapid Content-Aware Removal editing techniques to eliminate a photo bomber or unwanted object from your pictures. Adding HDR, photo effects, and layer editing is simple.
  • Incorporate and tweak HDR techniques to produce striking travel and landscape photographs.
  • Choose preset photo effects like Lomo, Artistic, HDR, and Vignette immediately to give your photo a polished, professional look.
  • For incorporating an extra image or adding additional effects to your shot, you can utilize the Blender tool, the smartphone equivalent of layer editing on desktop software.
  • Overlays may add atmosphere and style to your shot with a single click. Create photographs with light leaks, grunge effects, lens flare, etc.
  • Using linear and radial blur tools, you can craft a diverse range of imaginative photographic effects, including but not limited to bokeh and tilt-shift.

Current version

Additional info
July 06 2023
File Name: PhotoDirector AI Photo Editor v18.2.1 [FileZU].apk
Version: 18.2.1


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