Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th edition v1.0.5273

Download the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th edition v1.0.5273 Unlocked APK for free. It is a high-level dictionary for English language students.

Overview of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary APK for Android

The world’s most popular advanced-level English dictionary is now available as an app! It creates English vocabulary more effectively than ever before and paves the path for more assured, effective English conversation.¬†More than 86,000 words, 95,000 phrases, 112,000 definitions, and 237,000 examples are included in this program. You can use this software to learn English at any moment while you are offline.

In Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th edition v1.0.5273 additionally, you can record yourself speaking while listening to real voice audio for terms, play it back to compare, and then listen to real voice audio, for example, phrases in British and American accents.

Features of the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th edition v1.0.5273

  • Access the whole A-Z when you’re not online to learn wherever you are.
  • Usage notes help you make your English sound more natural. For example, is it “borrow” or “lend”? The ‘Which word?’ note tells you more.
  • Learn words that can be used in place of each other and common phrases.
  • Look for and learn words and phrasal verbs.
  • NEW Learn the CEFR-leveled Oxford 3000TM and Oxford 5000TM.
  • NEW Learn the academic words in OPAL (Oxford Phrasal Academic Lexicon).
  • NEW You can share the Word of the Day with your friends daily.
  • You can learn lists of linked words with pre-loaded Favourites folders on topics like the environment, society, and politics.
  • NEW With the fun game, you can see how well you know words.
  • Use pictures to help you understand and expand your knowledge.
  • Listen to British and American accents of real people saying words and lines.
  • Listen to the natural voice sounds for words, record yourself saying them, and then repeat the recording to compare.
  • NEW Listen to native English people say English words from other parts of the world.
  • Full-text search lets you find any word, phrase, expression, or example sentence in the dictionary.
  • You can use Google Voice Search to look up things by saying them out loud instead of typing them.
  • With the Look Up from Clipboard tool, you can copy text from emails or websites and easily find the words in OALD.
  • Use the Find on Page feature to look for words within dictionary entries.
  • If you tap a word in a record, you can look it up immediately.
  • Please list your favourite items and then put them in folders and subfolders.
  • Your Favorites list and History list can be exported.


Current version

Additional info
February 05 2021
File Name: Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th edition v1.0.5273 [FileZU].zip
Version: 0.5273


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