MDScan + OCR v3.9.26You can get the apk file for MDScan + OCR (Mobile Doc Scanner) Pro MOD Version Unlocked for Android phones and tablets for free. An on-the-go paper scanner that can read any file.

Overview of MDScan + OCR Pro APK for Android

This application enables users to capture images with their device’s camera, offering a wide array of enhancement tools for editing purposes. It further facilitates the saving of these edited images in the user’s preferred format. In addition, it simplifies the process of sharing these images across various platforms, including social media, email, and cloud services.

Moreover, this mobile app serves as a versatile document scanner, utilizing the phone’s camera to capture a wide range of documents. These documents may encompass receipts, text pages, coupons, posters, magazine articles, invoices, images, and printed materials. Users can efficiently scan and digitize these documents with the convenience of their mobile devices, enhancing productivity and organization.

Features of the App

  • Use your camera to take a picture.
  • Pick a writing mode (you can pick “unenhanced”).
  • The four edges of the page make it easy to change the scan area.
  • Make sure the scan fits the size you set (ready-made settings are available).
  • You can choose filters to improve the picture.
  • You can save and send it as a PDF or JPG.
  • You can share on email, social media, and cloud servers.


Current version

Additional info
March 27 2023
File Name: MDScan + OCR v3.9.26
Version: v3.9.26


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