MacroDroid - Device Automation 5.34.10

For Android smartphones and tablets, get for free MacroDroid – Device Automation 5.34.10 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK. It is a task automation and configuration program with a straightforward, appealing user interface and a sequential, logical approach that prioritizes usability.

Overview of MacroDroid – Device Automation 5.34.10 APK for Android

Indeed, here are some instances of tasks that can be automated using MacroDroid:

  •  Instant Photo Sharing: Trigger the device to upload the most recent photo to your Facebook account by shaking the device.
  • App-Dependent Connectivity: Automatically enable wifi or mobile data when you open a specific app, and disable them once you exit it.
  • Location-Based SMS Response: In response to an incoming SMS, automatically send your current location to the sender.
  • Pocket-Friendly Time Checking: Utilize the power button to provide you with the current time when the device is in your pocket, eliminating the need to take it out to check the time.
  • NFC-Driven Configuration: Set up NFC tags to configure your device settings, like activating Bluetooth, adjusting volume, or other personalized settings with a simple tap.

Creating a custom macro is easy:

  • ‘Add Macro’ should be clicked.
  • Pick a trigger from a list, such as “Battery Level,” for example.
  • Set up trigger-specific preferences, such as “Battery Level 10%.”
  • Choose a course of action from a list, such as “Enable/Disable wifi.”
  • Set up any action-specific preferences, such as disabling wifi.
  • Add additional steps as necessary (up to 10)
  • You can choose a limitation from a list, such as Day of the Week.
  • Set restrictions as necessary (such as Saturday and Sunday).
  • Add additional restrictions as necessary (up to 10).
  • Give the Macro a name and a category.

Features of the App

  • The trigger for VPN State Change added (Android 5.0+)
  • VPN State limitation has been added (Android 5+)
  • Issues with default language settings have been resolved (please set language via settings once more to activate the fix).
  • When utilizing Calendar Trigger, [calendar_start_date] and [calendar_end_date] have been added to the magic text.
  • included SMTP email functionality for the share photo action and enabled customizability of the email content and subject
  • Resolved the problem with incorrect location mode setting on a rooted Android 10 smartphone.


Current version

Additional info
June 11 2023
File Name: MacroDroid Device Automation v5.34.10 [FileZU].rar
Version: 5.34.10


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