LADB - Local ADB Shell v2.2.1

LADB – Local ADB Shell v2.2.1 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets is available for free download. Within the app libraries, it is an ADB server.

Overview of LADB Pro APK for Android

A command-line interface tool for Android devices called LADB (Local ADB Shell for Android) enables users to run ADB commands from their local computer without a USB connection. With capabilities including file transfer, app installation, and debugging, LADB was created by Tytydraco to provide developers and Android aficionados with a straightforward way to interact with their smartphones. The features, system requirements, and frequently asked questions of LADB will all be covered in this article. LADB – Local ADB Shell v2.2.1

Features of the App

  • Wireless ADB: LADB enables users to connect wirelessly and without a USB cable to their Android smartphones. Since there is no longer a need to repeatedly connect and disconnect the device, this is very helpful for debugging and testing programs.
  • File Transfer: LADB makes it simple to transfer files from a local computer to an Android device. When customers transfer huge amounts of data, such as videos or photographs, from their smartphone to their computer or vice versa, this capability is useful.
  • Installing apps: LADB enables users to add and remove apps from their Android device from their PC.
  • This is very helpful for developers who have to test their programs across many platforms.
  • LADB enables users to mirror the screen.
  • Android handset on their computer, making it simpler to.


8.0+ Android


Q:To utilize LADB, do I need to root my Android device?
A: You can use LADB without rooting your Android device. Some features, nevertheless, could need root access.

Q:Is it safe to use LADB?
A: Yes, using LADB is secure. The source code is accessible to everyone because it is an open-source project.


With a variety of features that make it simpler to communicate with Android devices, it is a potent tool for Android aficionados and developers. LADB is a must-have tool for everyone who works with Android smartphones because of its wireless ADB, file transfer, app installation, screen mirroring, and command-line interface features.

Current version

Additional info
July 06 2023
File Name: LADB Local ADB Shell v2.3.1 [Filezu].rar
Version: 2.3.1


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