For Android smartphones and tablets, download the Knots 3D Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for free. It is used to master 144 different kinds of knots quickly.

Overview of Knots 3D 8.3.6 Pro

This versatile application serves a diverse range of users globally, including arborists, fishermen, firefighters, climbers, military personnel, and young scouts from both genders. Its primary function is to provide swift and practical instruction in knot-tying, even for the most intricate knots.

With an extensive catalog featuring over 140 different knots, this app establishes itself as the ultimate knot-tying reference. It empowers users to confidently tackle various knot-tying challenges, making it an indispensable tool in their toolkit. Whether you’re out in the field or practicing at home, all you need is some rope, and this app will become your invaluable companion.

One noteworthy feature of this app is its offline functionality; no internet connection or additional permissions are necessary, ensuring accessibility and convenience in any environment. So, grab some rope, dive in, and enjoy the process of mastering the art of knot-tying with this comprehensive and user-friendly app.

Features of the App

  • 144 distinct knots, with regular additions of new ones
  • Browse categories or perform a name, common synonym, or phrase search ABOK #
  • Supports fullscreen, landscape, and portrait orientations (zoom in on a knot for more information).
  • Watch knots tie themselves while you may pause or change the animation’s speed at any time.
  • With a finger flick, rotate knots in 360-degree, 3D views to examine them from any aspect.
  • You can move the animation forward or backward by “scrubbing” the knot on the screen.
  • Light mode / Dark mode


Current version

Additional info
August 28 2023
File Name: Knots 3D v8.3.6 [FileZU].apk
Version: 8.3.6


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