Hotspot Shield VPN Premium v8.8.1

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Premium v8.8.1 Free download VPN Proxy and Secure VPN Premium MOD APK for Android without entering your credit card number or registering.

Description of Hotspot Shield VPN Premium v8.8.1

With Hotspot Shield, you may access prohibited apps and websites while hiding your online identity and keeping your mobile activity private, secure, and anonymous. With its top speed, stability, and security performance, this VPN proxy is the most reliable security, privacy, and access platform.

T allows online freedom by helping you get around geo-restrictions and quickly access material from anywhere globally.

The fundamental functions of Hotspot Shield Premium APK VPN Proxy are present in this version, which is entirely free and unlimited.

Simple to connect to different VPN servers

There are currently hundreds of VPN servers worldwide that the app can use to cover nearby places or speed up connections to specific servers. Users can choose between manual and automatic links for different levels of stability, even depending on what they’re doing, like gaming or just being normal. When connecting automatically, the app will find the nearest server with the lowest ping. When connecting manually, users can choose any server they want.

Make changes to your online profile.

When a user connects to a particular server, Hotspot Shield can change the user’s whole structure or details on the internet. It can change things like IP addresses, usernames, and a lot of other information that can show a user’s actual location or identity and give them access to exclusive content in those countries. That won’t change the link’s distance or the queue’s speed, so everyone wins.

Highlights of Free VPN

  • Simple: Press the “Connect” button once to unblock the entire planet. Privacy: We don’t retain a record of user activity. You remain entirely unidentified.
  • Security: You will be completely anonymous and secure thanks to our military-grade SSL encryption.
  • Performance: To provide the quickest VPN speed and the most secure & dependable connections, we own all VPN servers.


Current version

Additional info
June 11 2021
File Name: Hotspot Shield Premium Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN v8.8.1 [FileZU].apk
Version: 8.8.1


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