Genius Scan Enterprise 7.8.0 build 4613

For Android smartphones and tablets you can free download the Genius Scan Enterprise 7.8.0 build 4613 MOD APK. Your documents can be scanned with them and exported as multi-page PDF files.

Overview of Genius Scan Enterprise 7.8.0 build 4613

Effortlessly digitize paper documents using our mobile scanner app, converting them into multi-page PDF files. Position any document given your device’s camera: the app smartly detects the paper against the backdrop, trims it, and enhances the output for clarity.

No matter your choice, there is a way to add filters and choose where to cut the picture. You don’t have to worry about whether your smartphone is horizontal or vertical when you take a photo because you can rotate the picture afterwards. Remember to turn off the camera flash because the extra light will ruin the PDF document when you use a black-and-white filter to make the letters easier to read and hide the picture.

The scans produced are sharp and easily readable. With batch scanning functionality, you can swiftly scan numerous pages within moments. The app also offers robust tools for document management, sharing, and archiving, empowering you to stay organized and efficient.

Features of the App

  • detection of documents and backdrop removal
  • Correction of distortion
  • Shadow erasure and defect repair
  • (Whiteboard, black-and-white, and photo) filters
  • group scanning
  • merging and splitting of documents
  • generation of multiple-page PDFs
  • Importing photos and PDFs
  • processing of documents on a device
  • biometric locking
  • password protection for PDFs
  • Custom naming conventions (Smart Document Names) Metadata and content search for documents


Current version

Additional info
July 25 2023
File Name: Genius Scan Enterprise v7.8.0 build 4613 [FileZU].apk
Version: 7.8.0 build 4613


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