Device Info HW+ 5.13.2 build 208You can get the HW+ Pro MOD Version Unlocked apk file for free and use it on your Android phone or tablet. It can find screens, touchscreens, camera models, and more.

Overview of Device Info HW+ Pro APK for Android

This application boasts impressive capabilities, including its ability to discern various features such as displays, touchscreens, camera models, and sensors. It stands out by offering users access to comprehensive CPU and GPU information, providing valuable insights into the inner workings of their devices. This powerful app recognizes and identifies a diverse array of hardware components, making it a versatile tool for tech-savvy users and professionals.

Notably, it possesses the capacity to detect and analyze display types, touch-sensitive interfaces, camera specifications, and various sensor functionalities. Moreover, it offers a user-friendly platform for accessing in-depth details about the CPU and GPU within a device, empowering users with critical performance insights. This multifaceted application’s ability to discern and present data on these essential hardware elements adds a valuable layer of functionality for those seeking a deeper understanding of their technology. In summary, this app provides a comprehensive solution for detecting and exploring the intricacies of various hardware components, making it a go-to tool for those interested in their devices’ specifications.

Features of the App

  • Panel for navigation
  • You can use a menu item to go to a different page or menu.
  • Mtk: button to go to the tech menu.
  • Display the i2c address
  • Log in as root
  • For 5.0+ through the Android API, for a certain version of mt.
  • Current usage is the speed of discharge. Identities = Identities
  • Charging speed = charge current – current used. Ics = IC – IC


Current version

Additional info
September 03 2023
File Name: Device Info HW+ 5.13.2 build 208
Version: HW+ 5.13.2 build 208


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