CamScanner - PDF Scanner App 6.44.0

Download for free the CamScanner PDF Creator Premium MOD Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android smartphones and tablets. It is a smartphone app for document sharing and scanning.

Overview of Cam Scanner Premium APK for Android

With the aid of this program, your device will be transformed into a robust, portable scanner that can automatically detect text (OCR) and increase your productivity at work and in daily life. To quickly scan, save, and share documents in PDF, JPG, Word, or TXT formats, use this scanner app. CamScanner – PDF Scanner App 6.44.0

You can easily manage your documents using this program. All paper documents, including receipts, notes, invoices, conversations on a whiteboard, business cards, certifications, etc., may be scanned and digitally preserved using the camera on your device.

With automated tools, it’s easy and quick to scan photos.

CamScanner is the app you need if you still have trouble quickly typing text from a notebook, book, or paper into a PDF file. With this app, you can scan pictures, invoices, documents, and other things from your camera. The content you just scanned will show up right away. Also, when shooting in dark places, users will get extra light when they turn on the flash mode, so the text is more precise and doesn’t get lost.

To ensure the scanned paper is complete, ensure the camera angle is the same, and then eliminate any unnecessary details so the text is clear. Another unique feature is that you can change the black-and-white color, lighten or darken it based on your tastes, and change the text format of a document. The application’s filter system will also make your photos more transparent and better.

Features of the CamScanner – PDF Scanner App 6.44.0

  • Scan with the camera on your phone.
  • Auto-enhancement and intelligent cropping,
  • Text from Image Extraction.
  • Simple document sharing in PDF and JPEG formats.
  • Add unique watermarks to your documents to add markings.
  • Edit the document’s OCR results and notes by exporting them as a.txt file.
  • Make a multiple-page Doc collage.
  • Boost the 10G cloud space
  • with 40 additional coworkers.
  • Send a document link with an expiration date and password security.
  • Batch download PDF files Auto-upload documents to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and OneDrive.

Current version

Additional info
July 09 2023
File Name: CamScanner PDF Scanner App [FileZu].apk
Version: 6.44.0


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