BimmerCode for BMW and Mini 4.19.0-11402 You can get the premium version of BimmerCode for BMW and MINI for free, with no ads, and install it on your phone or tablet. You can code the control units in your BMW or Mini to get to hidden functions and make the car look the way you want it to.

Overview of BimmerCode for BMW and MINI Premium APK for Android

This application empowers users to take control of their BMW or Mini’s control units, offering the capability to unlock concealed features and tailor their cars to meet their individual preferences. With this app, users can delve into the intricate coding of their vehicle’s control units, unleashing a realm of hidden features and personalization options.

For instance, they can activate the digital speed display within the instrument cluster, providing a modern and customizable touch to their driving experience. This app also enables users to grant their passengers the ability to enjoy videos on the iDrive system even while the vehicle is in motion.

It offers an extensive array of coding possibilities, ensuring that users can fine-tune their automobile to their heart’s desire, transforming it into a more personalized and feature-rich driving companion. By granting access to hidden features, this application allows for a unique level of control and customization that extends beyond standard factory settings.

Whether it’s modifying navigation settings, changing lighting preferences, or enhancing audio features, this app provides the tools necessary to make these adjustments effortlessly. Users can explore the full potential of their vehicle, turning it into a personalized and functional extension of their lifestyle.

In essence, this app acts as a key to unlock a treasure trove of customization options for BMW and Mini owners. It enhances the driving experience by catering to individual preferences, providing a sense of control and exclusivity, and ultimately making the vehicle a reflection of its owner’s tastes and desires.

Supported cars:

  • 1 Series (after 2008)
  • 2, M2 (2013 and up)
  • 2 Series Active Tourer (after 2014)
  • 2 Series Gran Tourer (after 2015)
  • M3 (3 Series) (2008 and up)
  • M4 (2013 and up), 4 Series
  • M5 (5 Series) (2008 and up)
  • M6 (6 Series) (2008 and up)
  • 7 Series (after 2008)
  • 8 Series (after 2018)
  • X1 (2009+) X2 (2018+) X3 (2010+) X4 (2014+)
  • X5, X5 M (2008+)
  • X6, X6 M (after 2008), X7 (after 2019), and Z4 (after 2009).
  • I3 (2013+)
  • I8 (2013+)
  • Mini (2008+)
  • Toyota Supra (after 2019)


Current version

Additional info
September 26 2023
File Name: BimmerCode for BMW and Mini 4.19.0-11402
Version: 4.19.0-11402


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