Battery Guru - Battery Health v2.1.7.1

Battery Guru – Battery Health v2.1.7.1 Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Smartphones and Tablets is available for free download. It is a tiny battery monitor app that keeps track of the battery’s health.

Overview of Battery Guru – Battery Health v2.1.7.1 Premium

This app is a monitor providing estimates and guidance to enhance battery longevity by up to 200% through adjusted charging behaviours. Due to battery limitations, each charge cycle diminishes the battery’s capacity.

Now, optimize your device’s battery life, reduce charging time, and enjoy longer mobile usage worry-free. Determine the most efficient charger and USB cable by measuring the charging current (in mA) to identify the maximum achieved during charging. The application offers insights to make informed decisions about preserving your battery’s health.

Features of the App

  • Crafted to ensure the battery’s prime state and nurture its well-being.
  • Caring for battery health while fine-tuning performance for optimization.
  • Displaying battery well-being status, portraying its health vividly.
  • Enhance battery conservation by refining the Doze settings on your device.
  • Presenting comprehensive battery details: voltage, temperature, capacity, health status, and charging history.
  • Within the safeguarding segment, establish alerts for battery temperature and charging thresholds.
  • The Health segment encompasses user-friendly advice for preserving your cherished battery, all in easily understandable language.


Current version

Additional info
April 17 2023
File Name: Battery Guru Battery Health v2.1.7.1 [FileZU].apk


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