AVG AntiVirus & Security Premium v6.56.0 AVG Antivirus & Security Pro/Premium MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets is free downloadable. It is a good Android app for keeping your phone safe.

Overview of AVG Antivirus & Security Premium APK for Android

This app will help protect you from viruses and other bugs that could hurt you. App Lock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, Hack Alerts, Malware Security, and the App Permissions Advisor will help you keep your info safe.

You’ll get adequate protection against viruses and malware and a phone locator, task killer, app lock, Wi-Fi Scanner, and picture vault to keep your privacy and online identity safe.

Features of the App

  • Real-time scanning of apps, games, settings, and files
  • Kill jobs that slow down your device to speed it up.
  • Remove files you don’t need to make room Lock essential apps with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint
  • Allow Google Maps to help you find your lost phone.
  • Hide private photos in a safe with a lock and key
  • Use a VPN to stay hidden
  • Look for dangers on Wi-Fi networks.
  • Check how fast Wi-Fi can send and receive data.
  • Get alerts if your passwords have been leaked.
  • Find out how many access apps you have installed.

Current version

Additional info
February 06 2023
File Name: AVG AntiVirus & Security Premium v6.56.0
Version: v6.56.0


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