Android Hidden Settings v1.7.5

APK for Android Hidden Settings v1.7.5 is available for free download. Without root access or other permissions, access secret settings on your Android smartphone.

Description of Android Hidden Settings v1.7.5 APK for Android

This application provides access to specific Android device settings that may be concealed by certain phone manufacturers. The app leverages knowledge about the Android system that isn’t officially documented, resulting in variable functionality on different devices. It is imperative to exercise caution when using this app and only modify settings that you fully comprehend rooting of your phone is required, and the app does not request any additional permissions. The app’s design and usage are straightforward, allowing you to alter settings that have been hidden by either your mobile carrier or device manufacturer.  Without the need for root access or any permissions, this application grants you access to concealed settings on your Android device. These settings encompass various components of your mobile device, encompassing elements like cameras, radios, and even the fingerprint system. Tailored to your specific Android version, the app exclusively presents the available options for your particular device.

Features of the app

  • Simple advanced setting changes
  • There is no requirement for a rooted phone.
  • access to your Android device’s secret settings
  • only displays the choices that are available for your device.

Current version

Additional info
December 14 2020
File Name: Android Hidden Settings v1.7.5 Mod [FileZU].apk
Version: 1.7.5


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