1DM+ - Browser & Downloader 16.0

For Android smartphones and tablets, download the 1DM+ – Browser & Downloader 16.0 Pro MOD Unlocked Ad-Free APK for free. The fastest download manager for Android is this one.

Overview of 1DM+ – Browser & Downloader Pro APK for Android

The fastest download manager for Android is this one. It can be up to 500% quicker than a typical download. 1DM+ is the first app that lets you quickly and easily download things from the internet to your device. Later, the developer introduced a few new tools that made 1DM+ a powerful web browser.

It also doesn’t run services in the background if there’s nothing to download and the smart download feature is turned off. This helps the battery last longer.

About the download feature, all you have to do to use it is download the app, and you’ll be able to download things through the app right away. In particular, use a magnet link, a torrent URL, or a mobile torrent file to download the Torrent file. You can also download any file directly to an external SD card, which gives you many options for where to store information.

Features of the App

  • Dark and light themes without ads
  • (Except Android 4.4) Direct Download to SD Card
  • the ability to pause and resume with compatible links
  • To streamline the process and be more efficient, you can choose “Pause all,” “Start all,” or “Remove all.” This will help save time and make managing tasks easier.
  • Support for infinite retries and custom delay
  • Even if the app is closed, the download is not stopped.
  • Support for WiFi-only downloads
  • Intelligent error handling prevents data loss.
  • For download scheduling, download the scheduler.
  • Download URLs imported from a text file.
  • link exports for download
  • Copy the download link to your computer’s clipboard.
  • Files downloaded, opened and shared
  • Extended Notifications (both combined and individual) with Download Progress
  • Extended Notifications (both combined and individual) with Download Progress
  • Supports vibrating and playing a sound when the download is finished
  • Supports all file types, including documents, applications, music, video, and archive files.
  • Support a variety of online browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and the Android default browser.
  • Files should be sorted by name, size, and date and then categorized by kind and time.


Current version

Additional info
July 19 2023
File Name: 1DM Browser & Video Download v16.0 [FileZU].apk
Version: 16.0


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